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returning? maybe...

2010-03-21 17:47:12 by infernocpf

i just left college and as such have TONS of free time and new ideas on my hands...just i don't know if its worth coming back into the game now at such a late stage....opinions?


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2010-03-29 15:09:35

You're using my Chavy Gamer theme!? :O


2010-09-21 07:27:25

Although I don't think you should have given up on college, I can't help but support whatever decision you do make.

infernocpf responds:

dude chill im working as a chef bro, got my shit together


2010-10-06 08:35:20

Never too late to start...?

Well anyways, PM me your ideas and lets see what we can do.


2011-02-04 20:15:14

Come back.


2012-03-05 21:14:33

If you have some extra time on your hands, furiously jack it off.